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"Tech Tired"

Hey all,

I am so super excited about this new venture of mine, but I honestly have to admit that I am VERY "tech tired". I expected to have some challenges while creating my new site, but I had no idea what was ahead of me. Sure, I had Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram accounts personally prior but trying to connect business sites with some, and create new with others, and all of the passwords and usernames and AHHHHHHHH!?!?! I may be at the point where I need to hire someone to come over and help me one on one.

Meanwhile I'm still busy af trying to keep my positive energy flowing while creating more witchy wonders and creations. I have been overwhelmed by the number of messages and inquiries regarding myself, my creations and my new page/website in general, thank you all!!! Messaging has been another struggle so if I don't get right back to you, please give me a day or two because I don't have access to respond to all of my messages for some reason. If it's been more than a day or two or you would just like to email me instead, go ahead at

I promise I'm trying to troubleshoot all of the issues and take care of my new tribe asap!!!

Thanks for your patience...happy Saturday witches and weirdos!!!

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