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"Witch, Breathe"

Updated: 3 days ago

Merry meet friends, it's been a minute since I have had time to update Kat's Coven, send out a newsletter & just I'm making time tonight.

I hope you all had a chance to celebrate & observe Beltane, what a magical time of year. We had a bonfire, and I made a crown of flowers, one of my favorite things to do any time of year.

Work has been super busy...the hours a nurse dedicates is no joke, anyone that works in healthcare knows the struggle. Staffing has always been an issue but it's quite honestly to the point of recklessness and criminal behavior to allow the ratio of nurses and CNAs to patients/residents. I won't forget why I'm there, and that's sure as hell not for the ones in suits and around for all the photo ops, I'm there for the patients/residents.

I've been focusing on breathing these days. I have a habit of holding my breath when I'm stressed or in pain, always have. The simple act of taking in air through your nose and out through your mouth is a powerful, simple process. I am conscious of my stress level and triggers, it's easy to get off track and forget what is and isn't beneficial to your physical and mental health.

I'm looking forward to some events coming up in my area that bring me a lot of happiness...lavender Festivals, craft fairs, farmers markets, etc.. My garden is without a doubt a place where I am grounded and at peace, barefoot and happy. The sage and lavender are already so lovely to smell as I walk past them in the field.

I'm taking some time off in a few weeks and can't wait to be able to work on jewelry and other creations for the shop. I need this space to be able to connect and celebrate simple, weird and beautiful facets of my life and yours. I love the messages from you all, the unnecessary but wonderful & appreciated gifts and to have the opportunity to forge this group of beautiful believers while on this journey we all share.

Take care & stay magical...


The perfectly imperfect witch 🧹

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