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Merry Meet,

Again, I'm Kat... the perfectly imperfect witch.  As I mentioned on my homepage, I hope you have time to check out my blog and leave a comment as well. Kat's Enchanted Shop features the creations I have made, and some I haven't (crystals and such)...none the less, I still prepare each item with positive energy and add some magic of course. I grow my own lavender and sage on my farm, this makes my products even more special.  When I do get a second to send out a newsletter, I like to let you know about goings on like a sale in the shop or if something super amazing is happening in my life or whatever, you get the point.  I will attach codes for deals at checkout in my shop for free shipping or a percentage off. So, take a peek around, you might just feel a connection.  If you stay, welcome to the tribe of believers.  We all believe in something, let's do it together ✨

Field of homegrown lavender
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