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"Stay True to Thine Self"

These are words to live by my friends. The wolves are constantly seeking out their prey and if you're not careful you will be consumed by them. Whatever "being true to yourself" means to you, it's your definition and no one else's. We can't avoid the world and we certainly don't want to wish our days away waiting for the weekend or a day off, life will pass you bye. Find happiness and joy in your work somehow, even if you're not living your dream right now. You have to live in the now and make the absolute most of every second of every day. Journal, smudge, cast spells, walk in the woods, drink lots of water, get outside & breath fresh air, move more, block the assholes, protect yourself and live. I am finally practicing what I preach, and I have never felt so good. Take care my friends, love to you all.


The perfectly imperfect witch 🧹

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I love this quote!! 😉💜 no truer words

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