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"Anxious Empath"

Hey believers, I'm hopping on tonight since I have not had time in a while.

I absolutely love my little witchy business, but as many small business owners can profess, sometimes it does not pay the So I have taken a full-time nursing position again and of course that is time consuming.

I am still going to move forward with Kat's Coven, you can bet your sweet little tushy! I have never had this much fun, been so honest with the world and have never had such a diverse group of beings to do life with. I love you guys.

So tonight, I was banging out some affirmations, quotes, shit I come up with and was like, "I really should just blog this shit out." So here I am.

Kat's Enchanting Shop is evolving with what you guys prefer, and so far, you prefer jewelry and select crystals and stones. I love the agate necklaces and the bracelets as well. I am obsessed with my sage, and I swear to the gods that I am going to get that magick all bundled and take pretty pics of it to put online in the shop. I really need to step up my product as I will be a vendor at a psychic fair 12/16 in Watertown, NY. I really have thought about just saying forget it and putting all the product towards the shop since I run out of some items so quickly. I was asked to be there, I didn't seek it out and we could call the amount I paid for a 10x10 spot a donation. I guess I'll make up my mind soon enough.

The thing with me is I love people but do not like people-ing. People love to tell me their life story and I love to hear it. I feel like I was made to be at that place in time for just that reason. But I have and always have had anxiety around others, and I don't see that going away anytime soon. So, if I can get myself "to" the places, I usually enjoy myself (for a period of time) and end up connecting with people on a very personal level. I am by the definition and empath and struggle with becoming exhausted emotionally and physically sometimes after some connections.

So, in a nutshell this is my life at this moment. I'm an anxious empath that works full time as a nurse and has a small witchy business I'm in love with. I also love to connect with people but have trouble people-ing and am trying to decide if I want to vend at a psychic fair amongst many strangers.

How do you all deal with anxiety, people-ing, work, etc... Let me know here or send me a message in private, others do 🖤

Until next to you all from Kat,

The perfectly imperfect witch 🧹

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