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"Witches, Wonders, Weirdos...Winning!!!"

Morning all,

I've been thinking that there are far more witches, wonders (wonder what I am, what I want to be, will be...etc) and weirdos than "normal" folks. So who are the normal ones...? I don't feel I have ever been normal, I don't feel I have ever fit in. I think that being different is what attracts others to me. Since I can remember people have always felt comfortable talking to me, people I have never met once before. We will begin this conversation that almost always becomes emotional, and I end up learning something very personal about the person. They usually say they don't know why they spilled their guts to me but feel better for doing so. I find satisfaction in being able to listen to them and know that they are comfortable for no good reason speaking of such personal details with a complete stranger. It does take a toll on me though. I become invested in the person at that moment, and I can without a doubt feel their emotions completely, joy and pain...whatever it may be. It is exhausting but I have grown to accept this as a gift, to be an empath.

So, what is your way to winning...are you a witch, a wonder or werido? Embrace whatever it is that makes you so fucking special and different from others. We can be different together...I fucking love my new tribe!!!

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