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"The Season of the Witch"

I'm watching the leaves dance from the trees and fall to the ground at the edge of the forest. There are two deer families enjoying lunch and I'm snacking on a watermelon I grew in my garden. The weather is 67 degrees and sunny, I'd say this day is just about effing perfect. I absolutely love this time of year. Not too hot or cold, the colors in northern NY (the real northern NY where I can hear the ships on the St. Lawrence River between Canada and the US, as I type) are super gorgeous and's almost the fall equinox, Mabon and Halloween!!! I'm getting excited. THIS is my season, the season of the witch.

My element is air, and I feel it to my core. This time of year, I feel most alive with the winds. Air manifests in our muscles, the pulsations of the heart, the expansion and contractions of the stomach wall and intestines. The entire movements of the CNS are governed by bodily air. I have been told before that my element comes out in me as destruction, that my gift is strong and to remember the rule of threes. This person also accused me of stealing hair from a I feel I'm at a place in my life that the destructive side of myself is kept to a minimum, I don't align myself in places or situations or around people that bring out that part of me. And I never stole anyone's hair...I did think about it though.

So, with the "Season of the Witch Upon us I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and do something extra witchy or weird...graveyard photo shoot with others, Mabon bonfire and get together, make a beautiful wreath and hang it proudly not worrying whether someone will accuse you of being a witch. Have fun, take pics, comment back, email me or reach out on Facebook at Kat's Coven.

Love to my tribe of witches, weirdos and wonderers ✨

- Kat

The perfectly imperfect witch

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