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"Super Blue Moon Blues"

Hey my lovelies,

I hope you all had the chance to observe the moon last night...either in a pic this morning, on the news/Facebook or with your own eyes! I walked through the enchanted woods last night, recharged with a bath ritual, observed the gorgeous moon for about 2 minutes and passed out.

I don't know about my other empaths out there, but this super blue moon has really taken a toll on me. Normally I can feel the shift and changes in my body and surroundings, but this moon has amplified that all x10!

I am a Taurus so naturally the full moon could provide great potential for success with financial endeavors, but it could also cause me/you much more concern than usual. This moon has definitely magnified every aspect of my life it would seem. That amazingly gorgeous fucking moon hit me right in the feels, so now I'm going to deal with it like a big

I'm going to take some of this uneasy energy and put it into making some bracelets today and get them on by tonight. I'm going to move some of my citronella plants and lemongrass to get more Fung Shei out of my greenhouse area and keep the skeeters at bay.

So, let me know how you all are feeling after this shift...what you're all doing to ease the uneasiness, what witchy wondrous ideas you have! Or if you feel fantastic, recharged and ready to rock let me know that too!

Blessed be my friends,

- Kat

The perfectly imperfect witch

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