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"Instagram is the Shit"

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Ok, this is allllllllll about instagram. I have found the most excepting, friendly and creative bunch of people and they are on intagram. A bead person liked my page and so I decided to look at some of the likes on their photos and started following some of them. Well before I knew it I gained almost 100 followers over night. I have of course now gone on a "following spree" of the bead people.

The bead and jewelry peeps are super creative and super friendly. I am so happy about my newfound friends and all of the beautiful bead and stone connections I'm making.

I have decided that in my shop I would like to focus on bracelets and necklaces for jewelry and then dabble in the rest. Beads are so addicting that unless you love them too it's difficult to explain. I just love getting new beads, before I even create anything I'm just in love with then and could gaze at them for

So, I just wanted to make this quick post and express my amount of appreciation for the bead people, the sea glass people, the designing people...I feel like I'm home.

Love to you all until next time 🖤


The perfectly imperfect witch ✨🧹🌙

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