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"Happy November"

Happy November believers,

Here in Northern NY, we woke up to snow and I personally love it. There is something about the first snow of the season that is so magickal, and I look forward to it every year.

I am celebrating Samhain on this first day of November as many others of you are as well. As we mark the end of the harvest season and the "darker half" of the year I have some rituals and activities that I enjoy mostly as a solitary witch. I'd like to share some with you all.

I spend time in nature, which is not different than any other time of year for me, but I am appreciating and focusing on what Samhain means to me and what I am grateful for in this season, it's sensory magick.

I meditate, reflecting on myself, how I have grown and changed over the past year.

I prepare and/or organize. I prepare my planner for the year and look back at my journal. I'll look back at my accomplishments and challenges of the past year.

I love to decorate my home. One of my favorite decorations is a 6ft artificial tree that I get out in October and serves first as my All Hallows Eve Tree decorated in orange, black and purple ornaments and lights. This tree goes through several make overs until February when I take it down after Valentines Day. My husband doesn't see the magick in it, but he loves me, and I know because of that he loves it too 🖤 Another special part of decorating is an autumn wreath on the door. So much fun to make yourself. Make sure to bless it for prosperity and protection!

I create an altar for my ancestors. This can be whatever size you would like, no rules to what you can or can't have on it. It is to connect with the dead and that begins by showing respect for them. On your altar, place items that your ancestors liked or used to own, photos and candles. Sit quietly with them and try to hear their wisdom.

Divination is a fun one, bring out your tarot cards, astrology dice, runes and pendulums. This is the time to ask the dead and the universe for guidance, while the veil is thin.

Not a solitary activity but if you want to grab some friends you can pull out the ouija board. It's definitely a favorite associated with the season, if you dare 😉

While you have those friends over you could hold a seance. The veil is thin, and the dead wish to speak with anyone on the other side of the veil. They are eager.

Place a white seven day candle in your window to guide the dead to the spirit world. When you light the candle, say "O little flame that burns so bright, be a beacon on this night. Light the path for all the dead, that they may see now what's ahead. And lead them to the Summerland and shine until Pan takes their hands. And with your light please bring them peace, that they may rest and sleep with ease."

Preparing Samhain treats is a super fun way to cook up some spooky and seasonal foods. Baking this time of year makes you feel cozy and warm so incorporate some of your favorite Samhain meals into the hectic day.

Bring seasonal herbs and plants into your spell work. Some I like to use are allspice berries, catnip, mug wort, acorns, rosemary, my home gown sage and lavender, pinecones and straw. This is also a perfect time to work with seasonal deities, crone goddesses and horned gods. They may heal broken hearts and sorrow from death.

Honor the dead at your meals by saving a space and place a plate for the dead at your family table. Add an offering of food and drink to that space and invite your ancestors to eat with you. I feel that this is a powerful action as the dinner table and meals used to be such a staple in family life.

Visit the cemetery/burial place of an anestor or family member, this is the time to visit. Tell them about your life, anything they've missed and what you feel would be special to them. Leave offering of flowers, herbs or water.

A fun way to get in the spirit is to watch a ghost hunter show or scary movie, a favorite you watch every year or make a new tradition with a new favorite. The 1973 Wicker Man is one to watch if you haven't yet!

Have a bonfire, declutter your space or find a pagan group online in any of the social media outlets to connect with for support and education all through the year.

I hope you enjoy Samhain and also being part of Kat's Coven. I have been thinking that calling this group of special, unique, weird and wonderful people my tribe really doesn't suit us. I see "tribe" used frequently now and honestly; I have used the term myself for over 5 years when referring to my witchy friends. But after reflecting and meditating on the issue, I decided to change my terminology. We are believers. We believe in something that others don't, can't...won't. That makes us special and that is what we are. So, when referring to you, me, us from now on I will be referring to the 'believers".

Love to you all from Kat,

The perfectly imperfect witch 🧹

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1 Comment

I am so excited to happy that I was finally able to read this!! I love how to gave activities and examples on how to celebrate this season. This proves without a doubt you are doing what you are meant to! I believe in you and so proud of everything you are accomplishing! And I love how you are calling us all believers!

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