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“Cleavage is not Necessary”

I don't have a little girl (I raised boys), but I've fallen into a very protective motherly mode for these little ones recently. We are all different I know. We come from different backgrounds and cultures and have different views and goals. Having said that I feel the need to say it's ok to be sweet, keep your boobs and butt covered, be soft spoken, conservative...all the things. We have become so aggressive and desensitized on the internet behind this flimsy facade professing the key to life is telling everyone to fuck off and become a hermit. Newsflash, for 99.9% of us that is not an option. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I would love to do just that, but I also want to be able to coexist, be caring and compassionate, empathetic. Maybe it's the nurse in me talking, I don't know.... but it's definitely the human in me saying let's take it down a notch. Be more sensitive and not desensitizing. We need to normalize respect and integrity again, the world needs it now more than ever. Motherly rant over. Thanks for reading 🖤


The perfectly imperfect witch 🧹

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