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The Norse Shaman: Völva

I have not been as present on here as I should be and that is changing today. I have been immersed in starting my business, writing 2 books, growing and tending to a new amazing following, putting myself out there and all that comes with that.

Having said that, I know that mean people are everywhere, and they are like that for a reason, it didn't just happen. And I get that, and I will gladly hug a mother fucker until he/she/they/them/it is nice and buy them a coffee. Buttttttt, there are also just plain disrespectful, rude dumb fucks smearing their dumbfuckery all over.

I was shocked at first as to what some people take the time out of there day to comment to me, a complete stranger...or ask to see (apparently there is a lot of foot fetishes out I thought about deleting the posts but instead I have answered a couple (in which they deleted their post) and I ignore the rest. My energy will not be wasted on the negative. If I preach it, then damn it I'm going to live it!!! And that is that.

So I had a reading done and an aura portrait drawn. The words this being said to me are the words I've been needing to hear. I won't go into detail but she was spot on about my past, present and future feelings and my life struggles and accomplishments. I left her feeling completely exhausted and drained. She stripped my emotions from me and then put them on paper. She gave me insight into what lies ahead and for fucks sake I needed to hear that. I left her with a newfound enlightenment and courage. She told me in so many words that when you are building something new, not many want to jump on board because you're not a success yet. It's easy to gain company or a following after your winning, and I needed to hear that (she had no idea who I was or what I do for work). I am so grateful for my new tribe of witches, weirdos and wonderers and those to come join us. So, I'm carrying on!

Today has been preparing orders and troubleshooting my new effin label maker...ahhhhhhhhh!!! So that brings me to, if you are having difficulties ordering from the site just shoot me a message on here or at or katscoven on facebook. Tech gods willing, I will be back to you within the hour. I am new at adding products so if there is something you want and not sure about placing the order let me know, ask ANYTHING 🖤

So, I've rambled and none of this blog was in order, but I'm just not wired to produce my thoughts in order so I apologize...l I really wanted to say that I feel a huge connection with Norse Shamanism and that may have been validated at my reading. I'm not a sissy girl, I'm strong af. I throw hay with the best of them and surprise the hell out of my husband when he sees me moving furniture or picnic tables or whatever...lmao. I have a beautiful staff I carry in the forest. If you see me in public, I'm wearing a bag made from racoon, fox, coyote...etc. People pet my bags all the time (they ask first) I enjoy the interaction...does it look strange from a distance? I hope so 😂 I have a lot of similarities with the Völva. I'm diving deeper into the Seidr, female shaman history and enjoying what I've read.

What do you feel connected you consider yourself a, kitchen, forest, eclectic, go by crone...shaman...??? Let me know what kind of special being you are. I'll have more to share next time and can't wait to hear your feedback! I'm going to finish up some orders and look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Love to all of my witches, weirdos and wonderers!

- Kat

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